Halley’s Comet Lyrics Billie Eilish

Halley’s Comet Lyrics: The song is sung by artist Billie Eilish, and musicgiven by Finneas O’Connell while Finneas O’Connell has written the Halley’s Comet Lyrics. .

Halley’s Comet Song Lyrics

I Don't Want It
And I Don't Want, To Want You
But In My Dreams I Seem To Be More Honest
And I Must Admit
You've Been In Quite A Few

Halley's Comet
Comes Around More Than I Do
But You're All It Takes For Me To Break A Promise
Silly Me To Fall In Love With You

I Haven't Slept Since Sunday
Midnight For Me Is 3 AM, For You
But My Sleepless Nights Are Better
With You The Nights Could Ever Be Alone
Oh... Oh... Oh...

I Was Good At Feeling Nothing
Now I'm Hopeless
What A Drag To Love You Like I Do
Ooh... Ooh...
Ooh... Ooh... Ooh... Ooh...

I've Been Loved Before
But Right Now In This Moment
I Feel More And More Likе I Was Made For You

For You...

I'm Sitting In My Brother's Room
Haven't Slеpt In A Week
Or Two (Or Two)
I Think I Might Have Fallen In Love
What Am I To Do?

  • Artist: Billie Eilish,
  • Music: Finneas O’Connell
  • Lyricist: Finneas O’Connell
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